COMMONS – Reinventing the relationship to the city together.

Cities are faced by a two-way movement: bigger urban spaces on the one hand, and stronger local aspirations on the other hand.

Based on the notions of “commons”, “third-places”, and “neighbourhoods”, citizen initiatives challenge the relationship of each citizen to the city – from voter to actor – and the positioning of municipalities in local projects – from managers to facilitators.

How can the SSE become a part of these movements? What tools can promote this change in roles?

The City as a Commons (2016)

In this article from the “Yale Law and Policy review”, Sheila R. Foster and Christian laione explore the relationship between cities and the commons.

Biens Communs – La prospérité par le partage

This report from the BöllHeinrich Fondation is a good introduction to common goods.

Comuns Urbans – Patrimoni Ciutadà (2017)

It’s about an urban commons development program in the city of Barcelona, developed with the support of Hidra and Ekona Cooperatives, and the Ronda Collective.

The urban commons (2018)

This mission, which was co-organized by CITIES and Solon Collectif, took place in november 2018 over a period of 6 days. The participants of this mission gathered around the theme of urban communs—shared resources managed collectively by a community. To learn more about urban communs and their different forms in cities, here is a video preview of this inspiring and enriching moment!