COMMONS – Reinventing the relationship to the city together.

Cities are faced by a two-way movement: bigger urban spaces on the one hand, and stronger local aspirations on the other hand.

Based on the notions of “commons”, “third-places”, and “neighbourhoods”, citizen initiatives challenge the relationship of each citizen to the city – from voter to actor – and the positioning of municipalities in local projects – from managers to facilitators.

How can the SSE become a part of these movements? What tools can promote this change in roles?

The City as a Commons (2016)

In this article from the “Yale Law and Policy review”, Sheila R. Foster and Christian laione explore the relationship between cities and the commons.

Biens Communs – La prospérité par le partage

This report from the BöllHeinrich Fondation is a good introduction to common goods.

Comuns Urbans – Patrimoni Ciutadà (2017)

It’s about an urban commons development program in the city of Barcelona, developed with the support of Hidra and Ekona Cooperatives, and the Ronda Collective.