Publication of the Final Report: Study Mission to Seoul on the Sharing Economy and Urban Commons 2019

Full report (EN): Final Report: Mission to Seoul on the Sharing Economy and Urban Commons

Last year, CITIES organized a study mission to Seoul on the themes of sharing economy and urban commons. 15 participants hailing from different sectors in Montreal and Barcelona went to Seoul for a week and visited local initiatives and met with practitioners, civil servants and activists there. It was a follow-up mission to a previous study mission on urban commons which brought a multi-stakeholder delegation from Montreal to Barcelona in November 2018.

Under the larger vision of mobilizing a strong and concerted international action towards an inclusive and equitable landscape for the urban commons and community-oriented sharing economy, the goals of the study mission were to:

  • Identify and share inspiring initiatives that would fuel current and future projects and public policies in Montreal, Barcelona and Seoul. This includes the promotion of the experience of each city in the urban commons and the sharing economy.
  • Identify barriers and opportunities in the commons and sharing economy movement of Seoul, in comparison to Barcelona and Montreal.
  • Develop a line of action for future collaboration between the three cities.
  • Strengthen the relationship between the actors in the public sector, academia and the field of social economy from each of the three participating cities.

This final report is the product of co-construction based on the rich discussions and reflections of the participants in the mission. The delegation hails from Montreal and Barcelona and includes a dedicated team from CITIES. They contributed in different stages of the report, including brainstorming, drafting, and reviewing.

Chapter 1 provides an introduction and context of the study mission. Chapter 2 describes the vision and understanding of the sharing economy, the urban commons and the social and solidarity economy in each city (Montreal, Barcelona and Seoul). Chapter 3 details the learnings of the field visits day by day. Chapter 4 closes the report with some preliminary reflections based on the observations made by the participants during the mission, including areas for potential collaboration between the three cities.

This study mission was made possible with the generous financial support of different stakeholders, including municipal governments and agencies and a research centre in Montreal, Barcelona, and Seoul.

  • City of Montreal
  • Barcelona City Council
  • Seoul Social Economy Center (SSEC)
  • DIMMONS (Digital Commons Research Group), Open University of Catalonia
  • Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG)
  • Seoul Urban Regeneration Center (SURC)