CITIES organizes an international conference on local development through SSE, in Barcelona

CITIES has been in Barcelona coordinating and facilitating the FORUM OF SOCIAL AND SOLIDARITY ECONOMY FOR LOCAL DEVELOPMENT on Tuesday May 22, 2018. In line with the theme of the day, “For a local development supported by public policies of social economy and solidary (SSE) “, we had the opportunity to learn more about the practical experiences of various territories at an international level: the city of Barcelona, the region of Québec, the province of Andalucia, the city of Puebla, the municipality of Mondragon and the city of Havana. All this, accompanied by the interesting interventions of the participants from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Argentina, Canada, United States, Spain, Chile … A very enriching experience!

More photos at our Facebook page.

Check the video produced by the City of Barcelona about this conference!